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The White Firm, LLC

Welcome to The White Firm, LLC

The Firm's Core Values


Honesty and Integrity

The Firm is laser-focused on transparent honesty with its clients, while dealing with opposing parties and the courts with integrity and unquestionably high ethical standards.  This core value  is woven through each one that follows.

Empathetic, Responsive and Competent Client Service

Actively listen to the client.  See things from the client's perspective (even when the law may not agree with the client's perspective) and focus on providing timely , creative and highly-competent service and work product, always with the goal of solving the client's problem.


Provide high-quality work product to the client and, where applicable, to opposing counsel and the court (as the Firm's work product is not only a direct reflection on the Firm, but is also an indirect reflection on its clients). 

A Client Value Proposition Focus

Strive for each client to feel that it paid a "more-than-fair"  price for the advice and service received and that the price for the Firm's services are "well worth it." ​​​